A place for your
Organization to Thrive​

The historic Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre, built in 1916 and designated under Ontario’s Heritage Act in 2000, now into its second century of operation. We welcome you to join us!

There is space here, especially for You.

Experience a welcoming atmosphere in this 25,000 sq. foot historical building with the original architecture. Be up to date with technology that will keep you connected with your team and clients. Feel safe with the state of the art security lighting and alarm system. Enjoy the free parking areas, for your team, clients and visitors, along with a fantastic green space for casual lunchtimes, activities or meetings. All of these features are part of a cohesive, shared services environment with a fantastic community feeling. Located in the heart of downtown Sarnia, the Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre has all the local conveniences you would need right here for your organization to thrive. 

We invite you to look and see which suite is available to rent for your non-profit organization

The LKCC is all about enriching the lives of children, adults and families in our local community. Each non-profit organization in the building is here to be change makers for all so they may have a safe space to experience, grow, evolve and build positive relationships with others. Learning to read, music appreciation, enjoying family programs or dancing, the LKCC is the perfect place to be involved whether as an active participant or valued tenant. We are all in this together. Let’s continue to show our ‘students of life’ a better way to appreciate all that is around them.

Sarnia Kiwanis Foundation, Inc.

"Sarnia Organ Donor Awareness is very happy to be a community partner of the Kiwanis Centre. We have been within the building for over 10 years now and really enjoy the sense of community that the Kiwanis Centre brings to the area. It is always a pleasure to work alongside the great staff and management, as well as the other community-minded non-profit agencies. We look forward to continuing our community partnership with the Kiwanis Centre in the years to come!"
(Sarnia Organ Donor Awareness)

Space to make your
greatest impact.

In the Kiwanis Lochiel Community Centre, suites include cascading light from the large windows, high ceilings and original architecture to soak in.  Learn from the past while you lead others into the future in these physical spaces of community and inclusion.

Shared Services​

At the Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre, working together is how our partners thrive and fully bring their cause message to the local community. Examples of the shared services include: 

  • Admin. Office team accepts courier packages that are delivered when a tenant is not present.
  • In-house copy partnerships for all tenants.
  • Common washrooms are on each floor, which are kept clean and sanitized. The washrooms are for use by tenants and their clients. 
  • Common areas, hallways and stairs are cleaned and sanitized by the Centre’s maintenance team.
  • The hallways are extra large, an advantage for tenant partners needing extra space for waiting areas.
  • The kitchen area is used by tenant partners to make coffee and heat lunches. 
  • Tenant partners receive preferred rates when renting the Kiwanis Room.