A Success Story in the Making

Coach Scott Burnett has a passion for health & wellness, that is equaled only by his sense of community for the Sarnia-Lambton area. He is the president & owner of Sarnia Super Ninja Obstacle Course Racing Club, which is now located in The Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre. The concept of utilizing obstacles to help our local youth of all ages stay active and healthy has been an immediate hit with those participating in the classes being offered. Most recently the Ninja group applied for Non-profit status and was granted this in early November 2020. 

As is the story of so many local businesses/organizations, Coach Scott has felt the negative impact with Covid-19. “COVID darn near broke us.  When you’re closed for 7 months and the bills keep coming it’s tough, really tough. There comes a point where you have to really ask yourself, “is it time to pack it all up and walk away?” and we nearly did just that. Thankfully, we found a home at The Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre and were able to open a new not-for-profit organization and begin delivering the programs that we and many in the community have grown to love.

The positive atmosphere at the LKCC has made a significant and uplifting impact for Coach Scott, his team and all the kids involved in the program. “The staff and other tenants at The Lochiel Kiwanis Community Centre have done nothing but make us feel welcome as we’ve recently got things up and running and we know that the Super Ninja OCR programs have a home for many years to come.” We thank Coach Scott & his team for the support of making the LKCC their home. Visit their new website and Facebook page:


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