Suite 101

Leads Employment Services

Located on the main level of the Centre, this unique suite overall measures at 896 sq ft.  There is an open main space measuring 375 sq ft, 3 smaller offices and a reception area for you to utilize as you see fit. The main area could be divided up as necessary for individual needs. Windows open up on the College Street, east side of the building, allowing the morning sun to greet you each day.

Tenant Details

Located in office A and the reception area of Suite 101, LEADS Employment Services is a not for profit employment and skills development agency. Since 1986, we have been providing specialized services for people with disabilities and/or employment-related barriers throughout Southwestern Ontario. At LEADS, Employment Specialists work with clients who need varying levels of assistance developing skills and accessing employment opportunities, and/or post-employment support. We also work with employers who have hiring needs, including screening, matching, and on-boarding, and who want to save money and resources in training and accommodation recommendations.

To date, LEADS has placed over 20,000 candidates with more than 15,000 employers and has helped thousands more develop pre-vocational, vocational, community access, and daily living skills. Contact us today to start your journey with Leads.

180 North College Avenue
Sarnia, Ontario, N7T 7X2
Phone: 1-866-955-3237
Fax: 519-439-7502
Hours of Operation:
Please call to arrange an appointment.



Located in Office B, C and the large open area of Suite 101, the Organization of Literacy in Lambton’s mission is to create and deliver exceptional literacy learning opportunities for the residents of Lambton County.

To create and deliver exceptional literacy learning opportunities for the residents of Lambton County.

Our programs include:

    • FREE learning help for adults 19-64
    • By-appointment (during COVID-19)
    • Small group workshops and one-to-one tutor support
    • Help with math, reading, writing and computer basics
    • Learn beginner Microsoft Word and Excel
    • Study for the G1 driver’s test, the GED exam or Canadian citizenship exam
    • Help with secondary and post-secondary school credits
    • Support with employment and independence skills

Suite Details

25 by 15 Open Program Room 375 sq ft
11 by 8 Reception Area 88 sq ft
13 by 12 Office A 143 sq ft
10 by 10 Office B 100 sq ft
10 by 10 Office C 100 sq ft


Base Rental Rate @ $ 12.02 sq ft $9,808.32 $817.36
Optional cleaning @ $  1.00 sq ft $ 816.00 $68.00
TOTAL RENT with cleaning $10,624.32 $885.36


Benefits Accompanying Leased Suite

  • Utilities included (heat, a/c, water, hydro, electricity).
  • Connect your own wifi or talk to us about your needs.
  • Free parking for you, your team and your guests.
  • The Centre is accessible, having elevator access to all four levels.
  • You have the option of cleaning services by the Centre’s maintenance team.
  • As a partner in the Centre, you have preferred use of the Kiwanis room at a reduced rental cost.
  • Secure access to the Community Centre 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • Sharing of resources in this community minded environment.
  • Rental rate is for Not for Profit, Charity or Non Profit Organizations. 
  • No HST charged on leasing of suites.