East Stairwell


Located in the east stairwell between the main and upper levels of the Community Centre, this suite overall measures 108 sq ft.  Measuring 12’ by 9’ this office is one of 2 smaller offices in the building – suitable for one individual that is looking for a tranquil space to work. With one wall of windows facing east, soak in the natural light all day. Please note that this office is not accessible by elevator, only by the stairs.

Tenant Details

A charity to help charities

In order for charities to be successful, they need to be putting their resources where they matter – on their mission. To do that, they need a reliable stream of funding which can be difficult to acquire, time-consuming to manage, and ultimately, costly to an organization.

#charitable (#846821825RR0001) is a citizen-led charity that empowers not-for-profits to focus on their mission instead of their funding. For the past 15 years, we have been connecting citizens and charitable organizations through fundraising and donation-driven events. We have made a lasting impact through coordinating and fundraising over $775,000 in donations, assisting over 30 different charitable organizations.   http://hashtagcharitable.com/

We work alongside charities of all sizes that provide different services to the community.

Suite Details

12 by 9 Main  Room 108 sq ft


Base Rental Rate @ $ 12.16 sq ft $1,313.28 $109.44
Optional cleaning @ $  1.00 sq ft $108.00 $9.00
TOTAL RENT with cleaning $1421.28 $118.44


Benefits Accompanying Leased Suite

  • Utilities included (heat, a/c, water, hydro, electricity).
  • Connect your own wifi or talk to us about your needs.
  • Free parking for you, your team and your guests.
  • The Centre is accessible, having elevator access to all four levels.
  • You have the option of cleaning services by the Centre’s maintenance team.
  • As a partner in the Centre, you have preferred use of the Kiwanis room at a reduced rental cost.
  • Secure access to the Community Centre 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week
  • Sharing of resources in this community minded environment.
  • Rental rate is for Not for Profit, Charity or Non Profit Organizations. 
  • No HST charged on leasing of suites.